Theme – Together We Serve

Dates: April 26 – 28, 2019

Attendance: 1,268 (the largest in SR-7A history [to date])

Location: Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation, Maidens, VA
Service Lodge: Nawakwa Lodge #3

Weather: Cloudy and scattered showers on Friday. Sunny and warm on Saturday. A light drizzle began after 10:00 p.m. Saturday, but had slowed to partly cloudy skies by Sunday morning.

Presiding Officers: Section Chief: Seth Greiling (Blue Heron #349); Section Vice Chief: Kyle Hoffmann (Nawakwa #3); Section Secretary: Gabriel Plichta (Tutelo #161)

Officers Elected: Section Chief: Seth Greiling (Blue Heron #349); Section Vice Chief: Gabriel Plichta (Tutelo #161); Section Secretary: J. D. Castleman (Tutelo #161)

Awards: Lodge of the Year: Blue Heron #349, Quest for the Golden Arrow: Shenandoah #258, Spirit Award: Wahunsenakah #333

SR-7A Legacy Fellow Recipient: Gary Harvey (Tutelo #161)

Special Guests: 2019 Southern Region Chief: Sid Salazar (Wa-Hi-Nasa #111); 2019 Central Region Chief: Brandon Stahl (Sakima #573)

Conclave Service Project: In 2019 the Section partnered with Shood, a Richmond-based non-profit dedicated to providing proper shoes and foot care items to those living in poverty. At Conclave, arrowmen donated over 4,500 pairs of athletic socks and assembled over 2,500 foot-care bags to benefit Richmond’s homeless population. Shood representatives spoke at the Saturday night show, Fire-Fest, and thanked the Section for the incredible help and service. The representatives announced that the 2,500 foot-care bags would begin to be distributed to the Greater Richmond Area as soon as the Tuesday following conclave.

Notes: Afternoon storm on Friday caused a reservation-wide power outage that lasted until 10PM. Friday Night Kick-off was rescheduled to 7PM. Power outage incapacitated both HOVSR Dining Halls which ran on electricity. Friday night dinner was only made possible through the gracious personnel help and supply of propane burners from Blue Heron #349 and Shenshawpotoo #276. Introduced this year as new program enhancements were Adult Activities, Conclave Cruise Director, and Conclave mobile application (available for both iOS and Android).

2019 Conclave Registration by Lodge

LodgeRegistration GoalActual RegistrationPercent of Goal
Nawakwa #3375465124%
Tutelo #16116011169%
Shenandoah #25814012589%
Shenshawpotoo #2761258165%
Wahunsenakah #333190237125%
Blue Heron #349190219115%
Section Total1,2001,268106%

2019 SR-7A Conclave Vice Chiefs, Chairmen, and Advisers

Program AreaCVC/ChairmanAdviser
Service LodgeMatt Terhune - 3Mark Loyd - 3
Adult AmusementsJustin Petrie - 276John Petrie - 276
American Indian ActivitiesErik Covington - 161Matt Orlando - 276
CeremoniesWill Harless - 161Gary Harvey - 161
Conclave Service ProjectAnthony Peluso - 349Mike White - 258
Election ExhibitNoah Knick - 258John Hunnicutt - 3
Conclave ExpoJackson Speary - 276Ryan Waldrop - 349
OA High AdventureChris Badalis - 333Jay Fox - 258
QuestJ. D. Castleman - 161Kevin Reedy - 161
ShowsBrendan Switts - 349Andy Spicknall - 3
Special EventsAndrew Russamano - 258R.C. Hartman - 258
TrainingZachary Grinvalsky - 349Matthew Good - 258
Our Second Century SummitKyle Hoffmann - 3
Matt Rosendahl - 161

2019 Conclave Overall Award Results

Lodge of the Year Award*Quest for the Golden ArrowSpirit Award
Blue Heron #349Shenandoah #258Wahunsenakah #333

2019 Conclave Quest Activities Results

ActivityFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Lodge BallBlue Heron #349Shenandoah #258Tutelo #161
Tug of WarShenandoah #258Shenshawpotoo #276Tutelo #161
VolleyballNawakwa #3Shenandoah #258Wahunsenakah #333
Ultimate FrisbeeTutelo #161Nawakwa #3Shenandoah #258
Mystery Event (Bow & Arrow)Nawakwa #3Tutelo #161Shenandoah #258

2019 Conclave American Indian Activities Results

StyleFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Dance Competition Grand ChampionBrandon Daul - 3
Old Time SiouxChase Bruce IV - 3Jeremy Armentrout - 258Michael Neblett - 3
StraightWyatt Bryant - 161
Northern TraditionalErik Covington - 161Garrison Champigny - 333
Prairie Chickenno entry
GrassBrandon Daul - 3
Fancyno entry

2019 Conclave Ceremonies Evaluation Results

Brotherhood and Vigil ceremonialists were evaluated at the SR-7A Ceremonies Weekend on April 6-8, 2019. Pre-Ordeal ceremonialists were evaluated at the SR-7A Conclave on April 26-28, 2019. All results were held until Conclave and announced there.
Pre-OrdealNawakwa #3
Tutelo #161
BrotherhoodTutelo #161
VigilKyle Hoffmann - 3
Ben Owings - 3
Riley Millward - 161
Ben Marden - 161

2019 Adult Amusements Corn Hole Tournament

Adult Amusements was a new program area introduced at the 2019 Conclave. One of the aspects of the program was an inaugural Corn Hole Tournament.
1stMike Foltz & Ike Walker - 3
2ndJoe Reyes & Todd Martin - 3
3rdChris Harmon & Eric McQuage - 3