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Do you need an escape from that 9-5 job, summer classes or the monotony of staring out of your bedroom window longing for something new? If your answer is yes, the Order of the Arrow has the answer for you.

Each summer, the Order of the Arrow offers a myriad of different High Adventure opportunities to meet your summer needs whether its wetting your appetite by going for a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean with the Ocean Adventure at the Florida Sea Base; maybe hiking is your passion, what better place to go than the Philmont Scout Ranch where you can hike the same trails as your Scoutmaster or Scouting ancestors as a part of your Trail Crew experience.

Have you ever given thought about what the Native Americans and early explorers did to be avid traders, maybe the OA Voyage is for calling. Whatever your summer aspirations may be, these National High Adventure bases have put together a multitude of options for you.

Along with your one week trek completely designed by you, each Arrowmen will be afforded the opportunity to leave their mark in history by helping to sure up portage trails, backpacking trails or coral reefs. Aside from providing a good deed to each of these high adventure bases, every participant will have the opportunity to work closely with Arrowmen from across the country, who have a similar interest in the future of both the program and the adventure base.

You may be thinking that this is a daunting task but it is an experience unlike any other afforded to you in scouting in that it takes you out of your world and places with people, who want to do something different. It’s not everyday that you can tell your friends that you climbed into Cypher’s Mine, watched the Northern Lights from a canoe or went scuba diving in the Florida Keys.

These programs help to insure that the future of scouting has a place to live, work and interact. This summer, try something new or do something you thoroughly enjoy, but do something with the Order of the Arrow High adventure opportunities. For more information about these High Adventure programs, please visit or talk to your lodge chief. Your destiny awaits you…

For more information, visit the OA High Adventure web site.

E9 OA High Adventure Scholarship

Section E9 created a high adventure scholarship to enlighten the Order of the Arrow experiences of Arrowmen in the section. The scholarship provides monetary support to Arrowmen by paying the full registration fee to one of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure Programs at Philmont Scout Ranch, Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base at Northern Tier, or the Florida Sea Base. All programs are the epitome of what the OA represents: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. For this reason, the section finds it imperative not only to promote these programs but also to offer financial assistance to Arrowmen to help pay for the program costs.

The scholarship amount awarded will cover the full program fee of either of the four OA High Adventure Programs. The section Key 3 (section chief, section adviser, and section staff adviser) will determine the recipients each year.


The Section High Adventure Scholarship is reserved for those individuals who exhibit interest in service as well as a future commitment to the Order of the Arrow in their home lodges. The section expects that the recipients will to continue their service in the OA as well as bring their enthusiasm gained from these programs back to their home councils, lodges, chapters, and units. Each recipient will be requested, at the end of their experience, to provide the section with an account of their experiences that can be used by the section for recognition and promotion for the programs and the scholarship. Each recipient will also be expected to volunteer with the high adventure committee, promoting high adventure at the next year’s conclave.

  1. Must be a member in good standing with a lodge in Section E9.
  2. Must have approval from the Lodge Adviser.
  3. Must meet all requirements and be admitted to an OA High Adventure Program.

Applicants must submit their applications no later than January 15 of the program year. Applicants will be notified of their selection no later than February 1. In most cases, the scholarship recipient will pay the registration fee up front and the section will reimburse the recipient after he returns from the high adventure program. If other arrangements are necessary (for example, the section paying the registration fee up front instead of as reimbursement), please contact as early as possible. The section understands that each applicant has individual considerations, and is eager to give individualized assistance if necessary.


Step 1- Apply for E9 Scholarship
  1. Download and complete the application form, found HERE. The form is able to be filled-out on a computer (If you have any questions about the application, please email
  2. Obtain the necessary signatures, scan it, and submit it electronically be e-mailing it to no later than January 15.
  3. The section Key 3 will contact each applicant and advise them of regarding whether they have been selected for a scholarship no later than February 1.
Step 2- Apply for OA High Adventure Program
  1. Those selected for the scholarship must immediately apply for the OAHA program using the application method found on Unless previously arranged with the section Key 3, scholarship recipients will submit registration payments with their application. (Recipients will receive a reimbursement check after they complete the program.) PLEASE NOTE: It is important for scholarship applicants to apply as soon as possible after learning they have been approved for a scholarship to ensure that the OAHA programs don’t fill up before the scholarship recipient applies (If you have any questions or concerns with this, please contact as soon as possible).
  2. Those approved will attend the OAHA program and will have one of their most important and memorable Scouting experiences.
  3. Attendees will pay for their own transportation and other miscellaneous costs.
  4. Upon returning home, the scholarship recipient will write about his experiences for future high adventure promotion efforts. Unless a different arrangement was previously made with the section Key 3, the section will reimburse the recipient for the cost of his registration fee.
  5. At the conclave following the program, the scholarship recipient will be a member of the section high adventure committee, helping to promote high adventure to the section at the next conclave.


That’s it! Go ahead and access the application form!

E9-OAHA-Scholarship-Application.pdf (Adobe .pdf)