Conclave 2014 PatchTheme – Seek to Serve

Dates: April 25 thru April 27, 2014

Attendance: 1,087 (the largest in SR-7A history [to date])

Location: Camp Shenandoah, Swoope, VA
Service Lodge: Shenandoah #258

Weather: High temperatures were in the mid-70s with lows in the mid-40s. Sunny on Saturday and Sunday, but heavy rains Friday afternoon created muddy conditions which  required parking to be established at a nearby middle school.

Presiding Officers: Section Chief: A.J. Kelly (Blue Heron #349); Section Vice Chief: Aaron Stewart (Wahunsenakah #333); Section Secretary: Andrew Sorenson (Blue Heron #349)

Officers Elected: Section Chief: Andrew Sorenson (Blue Heron #349); Section Vice Chief: Kevin Lee (Blue Heron #349); Section Secretary: Rhys Franklin (Wahunsenakah #333)

Awards: At last night’s show, Shenandoah Lodge 258 won the Lodge of the Year Award. This honor is awarded to the lodge that demonstrates comprehensive success and achievement over the course of the year. Shenandoah also won the Quest for the Golden Arrow for the second year in a row. In a surprise win, Wahunsenakah 333 took the Spirit Award for the first time, breaking an eleven-year streak held by Shenandoah 258. To annually recognize those Southern Region lodges whose camping support efforts greatly enhance their council’s outdoor programs, the Lodge Camping Support Subcommittee developed the We Support Camping Award. The purpose of the award is to encourage and incentivize lodges to sharpen their focus on their camping support programs within their council. Southern Region Chief Wes Seaman presented both Wahunsenakah 333 and Shenshawpotoo 276 with this brand-new award. Herb Smith of Wahunsenakah Lodge #333 received the inaugural SR-7A Legacy Fellowship.

Special Guests: Special guests at Conclave included Southern Region Chief Wes Seaman, National Committeemen Ken Davis and Bud Harrelson, NE-6B Section Chief Brant Portner, NE-5B Section Chief Michael Shostek, NE-6A Section Secretary Kyle Brendel, Ceremonies & Inductions experts Jay Dunbar & Paul Lackey, and a delegation from Amangamek Wipit Lodge #470.

Attendance by Lodge

  • Nawakwa: 182
  • Tutelo: 155
  • Shenandoah: 256
  • Shenshawpotoo: 125
  • Wahunsenakah: 176
  • Blue Heron: 169
  • Guests: 24

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2014 SR-7A Conclave Vice Chiefs, Chairmen, and Advisers

Program AreaCVC/ChairmanAdviser
Service LodgeSam Biggers - 258Randy Seelye - 258
ActivitiesRhys Franklin - 349Tim Swingle - 3
American Indian ActivitiesAdam Parker - 3Matt Orlando - 276
CeremoniesSam McGhee - 161Gary Harvey - 161
ShowsBrian Walter - 3John Gasink - 3
Andy Spicknall - 3
Special EventsKevin Lee - 349Matt Singletary - 333
TrainingDakota Lineberry - 161Dan McFarland - 349
Troop Representative SummitA.J. Kelly - 349 (Chair)
Charley Brown (Coord)
John Thomas - 3
Conclave ExpoRyan Waldrop - 333Eric Roetz - 349
Conclave Service ProjectPreston Marquis - 349R.C. Hartman - 258
OA High AdventureAaron Whitehead - 333
Cody Seifert - 333
Tim Reidl

2014 Conclave Overall Award Results

Lodge of the Year Award*Quest for the Golden ArrowSpirit Award
Shenandoah #258Shenandoah #258Wahunsenakah #333

2014 Conclave Activities Results

ActivityFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Lodge BallTutelo #161Wahunsenakah #333Blue Heron #349
Tug of WarShenshawpotoo #276Tutelo #161Shenandoah #258
VolleyballShenandoah #258Tutelo #161Blue Heron #349
Ultimate FrisbeeShenandoah #258Nawakwa #3Tutelo #161
Distance RunShenandoah #258Tutelo #161Blue Heron #349

2014 Conclave American Indian Activities Results

StyleFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Dance Competition Grand ChampionRyan McNeilly - 3
Craft Competition Best in ShowLogan Sandy - 3
Old StyleRyan McNeilly - 3Parker Childs - 3Logan Sandy - 3
StraightDaniel Morgan - 349
TraditionalAdam Parker - 3Cody Slaughter - 161Ethan Moore - 349
ChickenCaleb Donovan - 3
GrassJason Hundley - 3Grayson Kelly - 349Brandon Daul - 3
FancyMax Yammane - 258

2014 Conclave Ceremonies Evaluation Results

Pre-OrdealNawakwa #3 Team A
Tutelo #161 Team A
Tutelo #161 Team B
Shenandoah #258 Team BNawakwa #3 Team B
Shenandoah #258 Team A
Blue Heron #349
Wahunsenakah #333
Shenshawpotoo #276
BrotherhoodNawakwa #3Wahunsenakah #333
Shenandoah #258
Tutelo #161
VigilNawakwa #3
Tutelo #161
Shenandoah #258
Blue Heron #349